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Yemelyan Rodionov
Yemelyan Rodionov

01 Waterfall M4a UPDATED

When using a VAST only supply tag in SpringServe, we execute a broadcast call. Because we always broadcast to tags in the waterfall of a VAST only supply tag, we have removed the ability to disable a tier for broadfall. You therefore can no longer see the broadcast icon in the Tier Name column of the waterfall.

01 Waterfall m4a

The waterfall on GT metrix shows a lot of (separately loaded?) minified JS and CSS files that take a lot of loading time. I then tried to switch of Minify and this brought loading time to 3.3 sec, however, page size and number of requests went up and pagespeed score is then 30% ( It is now activated again but see below the details of results). 041b061a72


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