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[S1E16] Heart Of Darkness

FLASHBACK! King George's men catch up with Charming and Red at their campsite. Charming flees on horseback as Red throws off her cloak and attacks the soldiers in werewolf form.Emma takes Mary Margaret's mugshots at the police station, insisting that even though she doesn't really think that Mary Margaret killed Kathryn, she has to do her job and treat Mary Margaret as a suspect so Regina won't fire Emma and replace her with a puppet that won't have qualms about destroying Mary Margaret.FLASHBACK! The dwarves' call Jiminy Cricket in to lead an intervention for Snow White, who has become a very nasty person since taking Rumplestiltskin's potion, leaving only resentment for the Queen's murder of her father and attempted murder of Snow herself. Jiminy pleads with Snow to not take out her wrath on her friends, inspiring her to take action and go after the Queen once and for all. Not really what Jiminy was going for.Emma begins Mary Margaret's interrogation, with Regina present to make sure Emma stays impartial. Emma begins by asking if Mary Margaret had ever been to the Toll Bridge the heart was found at, and when she affirms that she had asks why she went there. Mary Margaret admits on the recording that she had an affair with David and isn't proud of it. Emma shows Mary Margaret the box the heart was found in to see if she recognizes it, and it turns out that it's Mary Margaret's jewelry box. Regina offers some passive-aggressive sympathy when Mary Margaret insists that she's innocent, prompting Emma to take Regina outside to talk. Regina states that it doesn't make sense for the jewelry box to be used by anyone else since there wasn't a break-in at the apartment, and tells Emma that a broken heart can make people do "unspeakable things".FLASHBACK! Snow ambushes one of the Queen's guards out on patrol and threatens him with a dwarf pickaxe to tell her the Queen's whereabouts, and he reveals that she's going to her summer palace the following morning. Snow knocks out the guard and takes his uniform to disguise herself. Grumpy arrives to try to talk Snow out of her plan, before asking that she go with him to see Rumplestiltskin to see if he can reverse the potion's effects, and Snow agrees to go when Grumpy mentions that the sorcerer "can do anything".Emma inspects the apartment for signs of a break-in, and Henry shows up to help. Emma agrees with him that someone is trying to frame Mary Margaret but she's lost as to who that could be, since no one has a motive, though Henry suggests that Regina does since "she hates Snow White". Emma suddenly hears something rattling in the vent, and pulls out a hunter's knife wrapped in newspaper.

[S1E16] Heart of Darkness

Snow follows the Queen's royal procession, and as she fires the shot Charming jumps out and takes the arrow to his shoulder. Snow is mad at first until Charming tells her that he would rather die than "see her fill her heart with darkness. Charming's words touch Snow, since she's never had anyone be willing to die for her. They share a true True Love's Kiss and the spell is broken, just in time for King George's men to arrive and kill the moment, taking Charming away but leaving Snow since George doesn't care about her. Snow calls after Charming that she will always find him.David visits Mary Margaret at the police office holding cells and tells her about his memory, which makes him less sure of her innocence. Hurt and angry that he could suspect her when she stood by him when he was the prime suspect, Mary Margaret tells David to leave.FLASHBACK! Snow returns to the dwarves' cottage to apologize to them, showing them that she's returned to her old self. She tells them of her new plan to rescue Charming from King George, and the dwarves gear up to join her.The next morning, Mary Margaret makes her bed in the holding cell and finds a creepy skull key hidden under the mattress which she discovers can unlock the cell door. Mary Margaret hides the key as Emma comes with breakfast and bad news: the DNA test on the heart returned and confirmed that it's Kathryn's. Emma tells Mary Margaret that she thinks Regina is trying to frame her, and asks Mary Margaret to trust her as she tries to find a way to expose her for real this time.

At the Sheriff's office, Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison), despite believing Mary Margaret's (Goodwin) innocence in Kathryn's (Anastasia Griffith) murder, photographs Mary Margaret for her mug shots. Regina (Parrilla) joins the two as Emma questions Mary Margaret. Emma pulls out the box that the heart was found in. To Mary Margaret's surprise, it is her jewelry box and states it must have been stolen. Regina states that she does not believe her. Henry (Jared S. Gilmore) says that Regina has a motive: she hates Snow White. Emma finds no signs of a break-in, but hears rattling coming from the heating vent. Upon opening it, she finds a hunter's knife inside, which matches the weapon that was used in the murder.

Meanwhile, David (Dallas) speaks with Regina, saying that he believes in Mary Margaret's innocence. Regina tells him that everyone has a dark side. David accuses himself, blaming his blackouts. During a session with Archie (Sbarge), David goes under hypnosis to remember what happened during the blackouts, and has a flashback to the Enchanted Forest, where he is telling Snow not to murder the Evil Queen. He tells Mary Margaret about the vision but doesn't realize that this is a flashback to the Enchanted Forest, not the Storybrooke woods. When he asks Mary Margaret whether or not she killed Kathryn, Mary Margaret tells him to leave, upset that he does not believe her. Not long after the confrontation, Mary Margaret discovers a key in her cell. Emma tells Mary Margaret that the DNA test results came back and the heart was Kathryn's, but tells Mary Margaret she believes Mary Margaret is being framed. However, Emma states that they must keep this idea a secret in order to have an advantage over Regina. Afterwards, Emma approaches Mr. Gold for help in the case, determined to prove that Regina is behind the murder. At the end of the episode, Mary Margaret's jail cell is shown to be empty.

Emma takes Mary Margaret into the interrogation room for questioning. Regina is there as a third party person, so Emma does not show favoritism. Mary Margaret is surprised when being shown the box that the heart was in. She admits to having seen the box before, since it is her jewelry box, but insists it must have been stolen. Regina assures Mary Margaret that she knows what she is going through. She knows what losing someone is like and how it can put someone in a "dark place". Emma takes Regina outside and tells her that, as an observer, she shouldn't ask questions. Regina tells Emma to investigate the apartment for evidence of a robbery, but that a woman who has her heart broken is capable of doing unspeakable things.

In the Enchanted Forest, Prince Charming wakes up chained to a tree. He is surprised that the kiss did not restore Snow White's memories of him, but she still insists she does not love him. She goes off to kill the Queen despite Prince Charming's pleas. Jiminy finds Prince Charming and, after chewing through the ropes that bind him, suggests that since he cannot make Snow White remember him, maybe he should help her remember who she is. The Queen travels down the road indicated on the map, and Snow White draws back her bow, ready to fire. However, Prince Charming jumps in front of the arrow, which strikes him in the shoulder, and says that he loves her. He does not want Snow White's heart to be filled with darkness and that he would rather die than see that happen. Taken aback, Snow White kisses Prince Charming, and the effects of the potion vanish, with her memory of him restored. However, King George and his knights interrupt, and the guards take Prince Charming, knocking Snow White to the ground. As she sees him being taken away in a cage, Snow White vows to Prince Charming that she will find him.

In Storybrooke, while Mary Margaret is making her cot, she discovers a key as it falls out from underneath the bed. The skull-emblazoned key is able to unlock the door to her cell. She quickly relocks the door, when Emma walks in to give her breakfast and bad news. She confirms that the DNA from the heart is a match for Kathryn; therefore, the case against Mary Margaret is going through. Emma admits that she thinks Regina is behind it. Later, she visits Mr. Gold's pawn shop to discuss the possibility that Regina framed Mary Margaret. Mr. Gold acknowledges that Regina is tough, but he believes Emma is more powerful than she knows. The final shot shows Mary Margaret's cell standing empty.

In the present, agent Fox Mulder is notified by his former supervisor Reggie Purdue about a note from a jewel store robbery stating "Fox can't guard the chicken coop". Mulder recognizes the message as being from John Barnett, the man whom he helped catch on his first case. While Barnett supposedly died in prison four years earlier, the note appears to definitely be from him. Purdue shows Dana Scully a video of Barnett's capture years earlier. Mulder had a clean shot on Barnett but couldn't fire on him due to him having a hostage, a violation of FBI regulations. Mulder's hesitation resulted in Barnett killing both the hostage and a fellow agent. Mulder flashes back to testifying at Barnett's trial. Scully looks into his cause of death and finds that despite it being listed as heart attack, he went to the doctor due to an infection of his hand (from the underlying wound he received when Mulder shot him) and had no history of heart problems. Later Barnett leaves Mulder another note in his car along with photos of him and Scully.

Narim: You are anything but primitive, Samantha. What your mind doesn't know, your heart fills in.Carter: I don't know what that means, exactly, but it's beautiful.Narim: Which is exactly what it means.

The only thing that can be done to save Jamie, is for someone to step into the darkness with him and hear all that Jamie has to tell, and let him know that the actions he took to survive and to save Claire do not make him any less of a man, or any less worthy. The only person who can fully accomplish all of that is Claire. 041b061a72


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