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Aiden Williams

Download Free Imageingesterpro For Mac

As promised earlier this month, Camera Bits has released Photo Mechanic 6, a major update to the company's image ingestion software. A free trial is available to download for new users on Windows and macOS, while 'qualified' existing customers can upgrade for $89 USD. A new software license is priced at $139 USD. For users who purchased Photo Mechanic 5 in 2018 will receive a license key for Photo Mechanic 6 for free.

Download Free Imageingesterpro For Mac

I downloaded it last night and played around with it briefly to see what it could do - for the steep price I'd expect a slicker UI. I only used it to browse my RAW files in a folder and couldn't see why I'd use Photo Mechanic rather than Fast Raw Viewer to separate the duds and keepers, especially as FRV lives up to it's name and costs a fraction of the price of PM which seems slow and clunky.

I still use ImageIngesterPro for automatically renaming photo files in my cards and downloading them to internal HD directories / folders organized by dates taken ( year/ month/ day ) plus a back up copy on an external HD. My photo files add up to around 100,000 originals at this time. Unfortunately, that excellent and simple software is not supported anymore and I just can't find a similar substitute to my liking. It's already showing some "hickups" on Windows 10 latest versions. If anybody shares my concerns and knows of a simple app ( free or low-cost ) that does that job, please let me know! Thanks!

I've tried several options (free and paid) and liked Downloader Pro the best but you may have different preferences regarding workflow etc. so you may want to give it a try first if you haven't already.


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