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Download Film Horor Ada Hantu Di Sekolah

According to a September 2012 report by the Beijing-based China Film Group, 70.5% of sales revenue from traditional physical DVD sales in China came from the Chinese market and the remaining 30.5% came from foreign markets. While China is currently the largest consuming market for DVD movies in the world, they are well on their way to dethroning the U.S. from that title. However, if the release of this collection of Taiwanese horror films on DVD hadnt happened, this shift would be in doubt.

Download Film Horor Ada Hantu Di Sekolah

Although most of the films in this collection were released on DVD before, the DVD market in Taiwan is now in a state of limbo. With the advent of online streaming and content platforms like Catchplay, things will certainly change soon. Film buyers are more and more inclined to buy off-print and not the original DVDs. They even prefer watching online over the DVD. Coming on the heels of this is the lower sales revenue from disc sales, all because of the competition from online streaming platforms.

Times have been good for these horror films. The DVD market in Taiwan is now in a dead end, so instead of pirating the digital content, people are finding out these DVDs at the pawnshops and garage sales. This doesnt sound fun but at least the great wealth of culture about ghosts, evil spirits, demons, poltergeists, the occult, evil sorcerers, and more will be preserved. Those pirate DVDs dont hold a candle to this.

In this collection of horrific films, you will find some of the most well-known ghost stories from Taiwanese horror cinema, including: Ko Fong-hong dao ngo, Nen Chan Kuay-hou yang, Wan Ku, Wan Ngo Huat-louhtua, Yaow Ngo In, Chi Si-yao, Chun Chen-hao, Sheng Chih-i, Hsiang-chien Hoh-shih, Yang-chien Hoh-yan, Ming-chih Kuan-tsai, Ong Lan-ho and Yeo Chih-lun.


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