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Yemelyan Rodionov
Yemelyan Rodionov

ISIS - Enemies Of Humanity 2 Telugu Movie Download

MY ENEMY, MY BROTHER is a feature length documentary about the real-life story of two former enemies from the Iran-Iraq war who become blood brothers for life. Meeting in Vancouver 30 years after Zahed, an Iranian child soldier saves Najah, a wounded Iraqi soldier's life, they are now about to embark on an emotional journey back to Iran and Iraq for the first time in 20 years. Their journey takes them into the heart of present-day conflicts in a region ravaged by war and ISIS. Their quest is a surprising affirmation of redemption and humanity.

ISIS - Enemies Of Humanity 2 telugu movie download

The story of Najah and Zahed is singularly inspiring and continues to surprise us to this day. For a boy soldier to have risked his own life to save his enemy is incredible, but for them to meet again by sheer coincidence in a foreign country is downright unbelievable. And yet it happened. At the heart of this story is an affirmation of humanity that crosses religious and political differences. The film reveals this very intimate relationship between these two former enemies, and proves that healing and redemption are possible.


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