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Aiden Williams

HP LTO 6: Incredible Benefits Of Offline Data Backup

No need to run your backup a second time just to get a duplicate set. TapeMaster-M runs independent of your backup server and does not require a computer or software, and it is 100% standalone. The TapeMaster-M makes it really easy to clone your LTO tapes for offsite storage or simply to refresh data on older tapes by migrating to a newer format.

HP LTO 6: Incredible Benefits Of Offline Data Backup

P5 Archive is a mini-offline-MAM with features like: customizable metadata fields and menus, customizable media thumbnails and customizable proxy clips and combined searching. We offer all those features now to a new group of users at a drastically reduced price (including professional support, development and scalability).

And large cloud data providers such as Google or Amazon would be teetering on hard drive destruction without cheap tape backups. Google once lost a significant portion of Gmail data from runaway bad code, but recovered everything just by picking out a tape from the shelf (with a robot arm).

Note that all standards LTO-4 and lower must use tarballs for spitting data. No need to compress, it does hardware compression on it's own. LTO-5 and up supports "partitioning" and can utilize LTFS, an open backup format which is incredibly easy to work with.

Tip: Make sure to put the resulting .lst and .sha512 files into a small flash drive and/or CD-R alongside the LTO tape. (consider online storage as the third backup) It will be extremely helpful, if not crucial, to refer to these next time you have to extract data, so they need to be accessible.

Tip: If at all possible, have a primary hard drive where the OS can store the generated logs and programs (e.g. a small SSD), and keep your backup data on a separate hard drive. This way you can run this command from a directory on the primary hard drive, to reduce lag.

If you use the Live Link face iOS app to record facial capture on the device only (not connected to Unreal Engine and recorded in Take Recorder), you can now import the (backup) recording once extracted. The device stores a .csv file with the raw timecode and blendshape data. Once imported, the result is a level sequence with a Live Link track, equivalent to what you would have achieved by recording the live stream in Take Recorder. 041b061a72


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