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Sherming Yiu Nude Clips

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Sherming Yiu Nude Clips

based on the true story of hong kong kidnapper cheung tze-keung, despite the disclaimer at the beginning of the film; his role goes to simon yam and his name gets changed to cheung chi-ho.cheung is an affluent, nice guy (he loves his mum), kidnapper who abducts the children of wealthy business men. things are pretty simple for cheung; his kidnappings go smoothly, no-one gets hurt and he gets his cash. the victims seem uninterested in the hassle of pressing charges, but the police are still annoyed with cheung, as he's pulled the wool over their eyes one too many times.cheung befriends cyclone (berg ng), a bit of a psycho, but a gangster who bonds with the aimiable cheung. the pair become partners, but things go awry when cheung's right-hand man, slut hung (patrick tam), gets caught having sex with cyclone's right-hand man's girlfriend (sherming yiu).now, this film is only just 80 minutes long, everything just seems to be getting ready to kick-off, but it all just kinda fizzles out. it seems to want to include some sex and violence, but it remains quite restrained; a bad idea in hindsight. it's watchable, but not particularly great.a damp squib...


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