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Asian Handicap 1×2 Explained: Everything You Need to Know

Asian Handicap 1×2 is a familiar type of bet for all enthusiasts of sports betting. However, for betting enthusiasts, this term might still be a relatively new concept, right? So, let's follow this sports betting tips , and Wintips will help you clarify all doubts about this type of bet.

What is Asian Handicap 1×2?

Asian Handicap 1×2, also known as relatively common Asian Handicap betting, is favored by many due to its easy-to-play nature and relatively high chance of winning. Unlike Asian Handicap betting in the football betting market, where there is no concept of a draw, when playing this type of bet, players must place bets on one of the three outcomes: win, lose, or draw. Therefore, the Asian Handicap 1×2 bet is also called a three-way handicap bet.

Bookmakers will provide corresponding odds for the outcomes they offer in a football match for players to participate in betting. The difference in odds corresponds to the perceived difference in strength between the two football teams as evaluated by the bookmakers.

How to Read Asian Handicap 1×2 Odds

1×2 is the common symbol for the Asian Handicap bet that players often see on the betting boards. The regulations of the 1×2 symbol correspond to each outcome:

1 represents the symbol exclusively for the home team to win.

x represents a draw in the match for both teams.

2 represents the symbol exclusively for the away team to win.

How to Calculate Asian Handicap 1×2 Winnings

Calculating the winnings for this type of bet is also quite easy. The formula for calculating bet winnings is as follows: Profit = Bet Amount × Odds

Let's follow the example below to understand more about how to calculate bet winnings:

Here is the odds table for the Asian Handicap 1×2 bet from the bookmaker for the match between America de Cali and Atletico Huila in the framework of the Colombian national championship. In this match, if the home team, America de Cali, wins, the odds are 1.67. The away team, Atletico Huila, has odds of 7.9 if they win. If a player bets on a draw, the odds are 2.64 if the match ends in a draw.

Suppose you bet 100 units, then the amount you can win at each outcome is as follows:

If you bet on the home team, America de Cali, and they win, you will receive 100 × 1.67 = 167 units.

If you bet on the away team, Atletico Huila, and they win, you will receive 100 × 7.90 = 790 units.

If you bet on a draw and the result is a draw, you will receive 100 × 2.64 = 264 units.

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How to Make Money with 1×2 Betting

With this type of bet, players need to apply a different strategy compared to Asian handicap or over/under betting. Here are the insights from experts on how to play 1×2 bets without losing.

When to Choose the Home Team to Win

As this is a type of bet with a very high success rate, players need to thoroughly research the 1×2 betting odds before placing their bets. Consider betting on the home team to win when:

The home team is in good form, currently in the top 3 or top 4 in the league standings.

Be bold in betting on the home team if they are among the top teams such as Bayern Munich, Man City, Liverpool, Paris Saint Germain, especially when playing against teams ranked below 10 in the standings.

The home team's attacking performance has resulted in more than 15 goals in the last 5 matches.

The home team has no issues with form or player lineup.

When to Choose the Away Team to Win

If the away team meets at least 2 of the following criteria, consider betting on them:

Recent improvement in the away team's form.

The away team consistently performs well when playing away matches.

Teams known as "giant killers," with high win rates against stronger teams.

Matches such as derbies, El Clasico, etc.

The recent history of the last 5 matches shows decent performance, still with a chance of winning.

When to Bet on a Draw

When predicting 1×2 bets, opt for a draw only when:

The gap in quality between the two teams is not significant.

Both teams prefer defensive play and prioritize defense.

Neither team is under pressure regarding points or standings.

Matches are purely procedural.

When a weaker team faces a stronger opponent and adopts a defensive style of play.

Difference between 1×2 Betting and Asian Handicap

It's easy to differentiate between 1×2 betting and Asian handicap. With Asian handicap, there are handicap odds involved. On the contrary, with 1×2 betting, you just predict and bet, then wait until the match ends.

Therefore, 1×2 betting is often considered easier than Asian handicap because there are only 3 options to bet on, resulting in a winning rate of 33.3%.

Tips for Successful 1×2 Betting

To win big with 1×2 betting, you need to master effective ways of analyzing odds:

Thoroughly analyze the strengths of both teams before placing bets.

Manage your bankroll wisely; don't bet everything on one outcome. Diversify your bets to mitigate losses.

Keep track of the odds provided by bookmakers as they may change due to various factors.

Choose a reputable bookmaker to ensure the safety of your bets.

In Conclusion

1×2 betting offers the highest winning rate and is the easiest form betting tips best sites among all types of bets offered by bookmakers. With just a few steps, you can participate in this simple form of betting. The most important thing for players is to choose a reputable bookmaker, which is the top priority. Wish you success in your betting endeavors!


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