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Aiden Williams

[R.G. Mechanics] The Simpsons - Hit Run

While some of the mechanics and general structure has aged in a bad way, the game is actually still quite fun to play. With a slight remaster of the general mechanics, this game could very well be a massive hit. I'd certainly pay for the privilege!

[R.G. Mechanics] The Simpsons - Hit Run


@victordamazio "Simpsons is still a relic the 1980s and early 1990s," Not really, how is the american family a relic? the simpsons has changed it's world to keep up with the times, heck by the mid 90s it was a totally different show to the early seasons

In some ways Hit and run is a spiritual successor to Simpson road rage. Firstly because both game titles imply some sort of vehicular mishap and secondly because they base their game primarily around Simpsons characters driving a lot. Road rage however was limited and was mostly a crazy taxi clone with Simpsons characters (Sega obviously agreed with this point because the later sued the developers radical entertainment and electronic arts) but Hit and Run made a much better game because they developed on the mechanics of road rage but also gave us so much more. 041b061a72


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