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The Real Diana: How She Told Her True Story to the World

Diana: Her True Story - How to Download the Controversial Biography of the People's Princess

If you are a fan of Princess Diana, or if you are curious about her life and death, you might want to read Diana: Her True Story, the authorized biography of the late princess written by Andrew Morton. This book is not only a bestseller, but also a historical document that reveals many secrets and scandals of the British monarchy. In this article, we will tell you what this book is about, why you should read it, and how you can download it in ebook or audiobook format.

What is Diana: Her True Story?

The book that shocked the world

Diana: Her True Story was first published in 1992, when Diana was still alive and married to Prince Charles. The book was controversial as it detailed out Diana's suicidal unhappiness within her marriage, her struggles with bulimia, her affairs, and her conflicts with the royal family. The book was based on interviews that Morton conducted with Diana's friends and family, as well as secret tapes that Diana herself recorded and sent to Morton through a trusted intermediary. The book caused a sensation and a scandal, as it exposed the dark side of the fairy tale marriage that millions of people admired.

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The secret tapes that revealed Diana's voice

At the time of publication, both Diana and Morton denied that she had any direct involvement in the writing process, and claimed that the sources were anonymous. However, after Diana's death in 1997, Morton revealed that she was actually the main source behind the book's content. He also released an updated edition of the book, titled Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words, which included transcripts of the tapes that Diana recorded. These tapes showed Diana's raw and honest voice, as she spoke about her feelings, hopes, fears, and dreams. They also showed her courage and determination to tell her story to the world.

The updated edition that honored Diana's legacy

The updated edition of Diana: Her True Story also included new material that Morton added to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Diana's death. He revisited some of the people who knew Diana and shared their insights into her life and mind. He also considered Diana's legacy and her relevance to the modern royal family. He argued that Diana was an icon in life and a legend in death, who continues to fascinate and inspire millions of people around the world. He also claimed that Diana: Her True Story is the closest we will ever come to her autobiography.

Why should you read Diana: Her True Story?

The book that changed the way we view the royal family

Diana: Her True Story is not just a biography of a famous person, but also a cultural phenomenon that changed the way we view the British monarchy. Before this book, many people had a romanticized and idealized image of the royal family, especially of Charles and Diana, who seemed to be a perfect couple. After this book, many people realized that behind the glamour and pomp, there were human beings who suffered from loneliness, betrayal, jealousy, and pressure. This book also sparked a public debate about the role and relevance of the royal family in the modern society, and whether they should reform or abolish their institution. This book also influenced the way the royal family itself behaved, as they became more aware of the public opinion and the media scrutiny. They also had to deal with the aftermath of Diana's death, which was a tragic and traumatic event that shook the nation and the world.

The book that showed Diana's courage and vulnerability

Diana: Her True Story is also a book that showed Diana's courage and vulnerability, as she opened up about her personal struggles and challenges. She revealed how she felt trapped and unhappy in her marriage, how she suffered from bulimia and depression, how she coped with the constant media attention and criticism, and how she tried to find love and happiness in her life. She also showed how she cared for her children, her charities, and her causes, and how she wanted to make a difference in the world. She showed that she was not a passive victim, but a strong and resilient woman who fought for her dignity and freedom.

The book that inspired many other works on Diana

Diana: Her True Story is also a book that inspired many other works on Diana, both factual and fictional. Since its publication, there have been many other books, documentaries, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and articles that have explored Diana's life and legacy. Some of these works have been based on Diana: Her True Story, while others have offered different perspectives or interpretations. Some of the most notable works include The Crown, a Netflix series that dramatizes the history of the royal family; Diana: In Her Own Words, a National Geographic documentary that features Diana's voice from the tapes; Diana: The Musical, a Broadway show that celebrates Diana's style and spirit; and Spencer, an upcoming film that stars Kristen Stewart as Diana.

How can you download Diana: Her True Story?

The online platforms that offer the ebook and audiobook versions

If you want to download Diana: Her True Story in ebook or audiobook format, you have several options to choose from. Some of the most popular online platforms that offer this book are: